Top 10l oxygen concentrators South Africa 

The 10l oxygen concentrators have a large capacity and are suitable for multiple users in a household or medical situation. Here’s our list of the top 10l oxygen concentrator brands in South Africa: 

1. Olive 10L Oxygen Concentrator OLV-10

Oxygen concentrator machines come in a variety of sizes, types and configurations, each with its set of features. They are divided into 2 main types, one is portable oxygen concentrator and 2nd is home oxygen concentrator, which can be further classified as 5 liter oxygen concentrator and 10 liter oxygen concentrator. Each type has its set of advantages, which you can fully explore here if you decide to buy oxygen concentrator online

2. Invacare Platinum 10-Liter Oxygen Concentrator

The Invacare Platinum 10-Liter Oxygen Concentrator with SensO2 is a high output machine that can provide up to 10 LPM of oxygen. 

This concentrator uses a pressure-based system versus a timer based one, like other machines, and can be purchased with or without the SensO2® Oxygen Sensor. 

3. OxLife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The OxLife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator System is designed to make oxygen easily accessible and portable no matter where you want to go, boasting a compact size and integrated travel cart for easy transport. The long-lasting battery and quick charging time make it easy to pick up and go without feeling limited, making sure you spend less time charging and more time out living your life.

4. Drive Medical DeVilbiss 10L Oxygen Concentrator

Built upon the reliable features of the popular 525 concentrator, the Drive Medical DeVilbiss 10L Oxygen Concentrator delivers optimal oxygen delivery for patients requiring higher concentrations of oxygen. This innovative machine has a high capacity and a wide range of useful features.

Top 5l oxygen concentrators machines south Africa

Available both for home use and medical use ideal use we bring you a list of the most affordable and quality 5l oxygen concentrators available in South Africa. 

1. Oxygen Concentrator – Olive 5A – 5L Oxygen Concentrator

A next-generation oxygen concentrator that provides reliability at a cost-effective price. Olive oxygen concentrator uses air as the raw material in conjunction with a high-quality molecular sieve as adsorbent. Through the use of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to directly separate oxygen from nitrogen at normal temperature, producing high purity oxygen on demand


This oxygen machine for home maintains a steady 93±3% oxygen concentration at an adjustable flow rate of 1-5 liters per minute. The oxygen generator is 15.5kg and of excellent design, the concentrator makes use of a good-quality compressor to ensure that a high oxygen concentration of 93±3% is maintained at every flow rate. Support people that need a high oxygen concentration, and it is the best choice of an oxygen concentrator for home use.

3. RespiKart Oxygen Concentrator Medical Grade 5L

Class II hospital and home use oxygen concentrator 5L with a 

  a medical nebulizer function

Top portable oxygen concentrators machine South Africa  

POrtable oxygen concentrators are a great way of having your oxygen machine with you when you are on the go and has thus become very popular, here’s our list of the top 4 portable oxygen concentrators in South Africa. 

1. Inogen One G3  

The G3 is one of the quietest portable oxygen concentrators available, but this efficient device has a lot more going for it. It boasts a four-hour battery life and an operational altitude of up to 10,000 feet. Also, the carrying case looks more like an outdoorsy lunch bag than a medical device.

2. Philips Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Respironics SimplyGo has a continuous flow of up to 54 minutes. It also comes with two rechargeable batteries, so you can always have a charge going while your POC is in use.

3. SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Concentrator

The battery lasts up to five hours and has a pulse dose of one to six liters of oxygen delivered per minute (LPM) for precise and predictable 90% oxygen with each inhale. SeQual’s AutoSAT technology really sets it apart. It helps maintain the same amount of oxygen consistently, even as the breath rate varies.

4. Olive Portable Oxygen Concentrator – C1

The C1 Portable Oxygen Machine is an easy-to-use light mobile device for patients needing oxygen on the go. The C1 comes standard with the following features:

• Oxygen concentrator, 90% oxygen at 5lt/min

• Headset oxygen pipe

• Lithium Battery

• AC-DC car Invertor

• Power cord

• Bag

• Portable trolley

EHAD Health

EhaD hEALTH Suppliers are the leading medical oxygen suppliers in South Africa with a strong focus on providing oxygen therapy devices such as portable oxygen concentrators or oxygen therapy machines. If you are in need of oxygen, look no further and get in touch with our professional consultants.

You may have found us due to the fact that we started out as the leading medical oxygen suppliers in Pretoria but have since expanded our services nationwide, from Sandton, to Cape Town, Johannesburg to Durban. You may already require oxygen therapy due to shortness of breath related to a condition you are suffering from, or recovering from. To regain your health and remain active, oxygen therapy might have been prescribed by your doctor, and for good reason.

At eHAD hEALTH Medical Suppliers, we understand that the path back to health is made so much easier with professional oxygen therapy at affordable prices. Any person recovering from a potentially terminal illness will understand the value of an oxygen generator without question. People who suffer from conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, Neuro-muscular conditions or heart problems have found new hope in regaining their vigour by use of an oxygen generator and with oxygen therapy.

The main disease that oxygen therapy is prescribed for is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which really is an overarching term for two conditions mentioned above, namely emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Both conditions are mainly caused by cigarette smoke although other external pollutants could also be a root cause.

As oxygen is essential to life, it’s no surprize that being exposed to high quality oxygen more often can be beneficial for your heart, brain, all your muscles and organs such as your kidneys. A higher amount of oxygen in your body can add years to your life, help you recover from illness, aid you in getting a good night’s rest(addressing disorders such as sleep apnea), allow you to feel less tired and short of breath and even increase the functionality of your heart.

When it comes to understanding your oxygen needs, your doctor can request tests to determine this, and from this point prescribe custom oxygen therapy.

One test is a Pulse Oximetry test, which is quite straightforward and painless. Its aim is to test how much oxygen is in your blood through a device placed on your finger. Another test to determine the oxygen levels in your bloodstream is an Arterial Blood Gas test, which is done through drawing blood, usually from an artery on the wrist.

When a doctor prescribes oxygen therapy for a patient, there are three main components to the prescription.

The first is Flow Rate, where the measure of oxygen required by a patient, taken in litres per minute (LPM) is managed to what your body may require. Flow Rate of oxygen may change according to the levels of activity of the patient for example.

Another component is the amount of hours daily that you will be using oxygen therapy, so ‘duration of use’ is something that will determine how your therapy is prescribed.

The third component is down to equipment, which will be determined by your financial situation as well as how sustainable the treatment is in your day to day life.

When it comes to the equipment or devices used as part of oxygen therapy Fountain Circle Medical Suppliers can assist with a myriad of high quality options such as oxygen generators and oxygen concentrators(devices which filter air and reducing it to pure oxygen which are delivered by Cannula, or plastic tubes, to the nose). There are stationary and portable options to choose from.

Many Oxygen users across the globe love the mobility and independence they gain when using a Portable Oxygen Machine. Most patients prefer this device over the traditional oxygen cylinder, as they are mobile, easier to use and less dangerous. These Oxygen Machines not only have several physical health benefits but also offer mental clarity for those undergoing Oxygen Therapy.

5L Portable oxygen concentrator South Africa

Portable Oxygen Concentrators(POC) offer  unrivalled freedom whilst the patient is on oxygen therapy.
The normal oxygen concentrator operates of electricity, Whilst the POC, can operate off
2.Car 12V socket
3.Normal Electricity

We travelled the world to source the best quality Portable Oxygen Concentrators for you.
Sadly there are companies in South Africa who sell cheap cosmetic portable oxygen concentrators without considering the medical requirements of the patients.

Our travels and interaction with suppliers have revealed that in the Far East, oxygen is used for cosmetic reasons as well.
It is possible to import this portable oxygen for cosmetic reasons far more cheaper.
At the end of the day, It is the patient who pays the ultimate price.

We provide 24hour support on all Medical Devices rented or purchased.
Repairs for Portable Oxygen Devices take place in Johannesburg.

We will review your script and Medical Condition and advise you with a qualified opinion before you purchase a Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

A Portable Oxygen Machine or sometimes known as a “POC” is a small medical device that helps individuals with low levels of oxygen in the blood. These devices “make” their own oxygen by taking in normal air and returning it as 90-95% Oxygen with low levels of nitrogen. These nifty little Oxygen Machines have built in batteries for your convenience and mobility. Although once the battery runs out, you’ll need to plug it into any electrical socket to recharge.

An electrically-operated device that concentrates the oxygen content of normal room air to approximately 90% at flow rates up to 5l/min. Concentrators are convenient, cost-effective, do not require refills and are aesthetically attractive. Of all the delivery systems used by oxygen-dependent patients, oxygen concentrators are the most common and usually the most economical method to provide oxygen therapy at home. An oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that uses sieve-bed technology to extract oxygen from the surrounding air. This oxygen is then delivered to the patient using a plastic tube connected to a nasal cannula or facemask. The advantages of a concentrator over other forms of oxygen supply are:

  • Concentrators provide a continuous supply of oxygen, while requiring very low maintenance
  • The concentrator stays in the room in which it is placed and the person using the device can use a longer length of oxygen tubing (15m of tubing is provided free of charge) to move around the house without having to move the concentrator
  • A concentrator can be combined with a Medical Oxygen cylinder as a back-up in case of power outages
  • Concentrators are highly cost-efficient

Because concentrators operate solely on electricity, it is critical that they are always supplied with a back-up cylinder to ensure uninterrupted oxygen supply, even during power failure.

10L Oxygen Concentrator Price Suppliers in South Africa

Ehad supplies 2 10l capacity oxygen concentrators:

Home Use 10lt Oxygen Concentrator South Africa

The OLV-10 is a professional and home use Oxygen Concentrator device that extracts oxygen from atmospheric air. The OLV-10 Oxygen Concentrator uses an electrically powered molecular sieve (artificial Zeolite) to separate nitrogen from ambient air. The OLV-10 is widely used to assist patients with several medical conditions, including:
COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Ehad Portable Oxygen Concentrators in South Africa

Oxygen therapy and the use of supplemental oxygen concentrators has vastly improved the lives of countless people living with breathing disorders and chronic lung conditions. And with the developments in technology and the creation of portable oxygen concentrators in South Africa and beyond, you can breathe easier while living a fully independent life.

Portable Oxygen Machines in South Africa are medical devices made to be easy to move around. While their bigger fellow appliances are generally plugged into a wall permanently, to ensure that they work optimally, the portable device can be charged and then run on a battery.
When the battery runs out, which could take a long while given that these batteries are made to give the device maximum usage, the device can simply be recharged. Some devices also come with an adaptor which will allow you to use it while driving.

How to choose your Oxygen Concentrator

For some, portable oxygen is a necessity. And luckily, with the wide variety of oxygen concentrators on the market, you have more options than ever before.

Oxygen concentrators are steadily becoming popular and there is no doubt that they are incredibly useful devices to have. The diversity of features and the various sizes that the device is available in, means that when you are shopping around, you are guaranteed to find a concentrator that will more than meet your needs, and make your life easier and more comfortable.

Factors that will influence your decision making

Once you know what your needs are, these are some of the important things to keep in mind when you are shopping around for a new oxygen concentrator.

1. The flow rate

The flow rate of the concentrator that you are looking at is one of the most important factors. The flow rate indicates the rate at which the oxygen leaves the machine and moves to the patient.

There are concentrators that are capable of slow and steady flow rates of around 250 to 750 ml a minute while there are others capable of providing a flow rate of up to 10 litres in a minute.

Some patients will require a faster flow rate than others, and it is so important that you talk to your doctor to find out what your flow rate is. From there, you can start the search for a concentrator.

2. The noise

Since the oxygen concentrator is often used at night, you will want to invest in the kind of machine that doesn’t produce a lot of noise. Depending on the type of machine that you buy, the various features and attachments can be quite noisy, and this is certainly something to think about before you buy.

3. The portability

Not all oxygen concentrators can be easily moved around, simply because some are either way too big, or they have so many additional attachments that moving them around becomes really difficult. Ideally, you should opt for a portable concentrator because these are often more adaptable and flexible. The portable concentrator is usually lighter than the other kinds, and if you have a compact concentrator, you won’t have to wrangle with your device when you are moving around with it.

4. The additional features

The many additional features available for oxygen concentrators make the device a more worthwhile, and customised, investment. It is important to have a close look at what kind of attachments the device can take. Such attachments include containers, filter systems, and flow locking settings, and these extras can going to differ from device to device.

5 Benefits of Using an Oxygen Machine:

Independent Lifestyle

These mobile oxygen machines, make your everyday independence obtainable. Individuals can often lead active and energetic lives. These machines are made for mobility and come with a wide variety of carry cases and other accessories to make it easier to transport. You can go anywhere easily, thanks to the battery and not to mention, you always have oxygen anywhere there is an electrical socket.

Energy Increase

Usually low levels of oxygen can cause you to have a lack of energy during your day. Oxygen therapy provides you with the energy you require to perform everyday tasks and doing things that you used to be able to do such as walking the dog or cleaning the house.

Improves Mental Awareness

When you’re not getting the oxygen you need, every single one of your body’s organs are affected; including your brain. Some of the first indications that an individual with a lung disease isn’t getting enough oxygen is confusion. Supplemental Oxygen use helps the brain and other very important organs stay healthy.


Just because you have a lung disease doesn’t mean your quality of life should be going down. Some of the latest models of Oxygen Machines are lightweight, compact and discreet. This makes it easy for you to take your Oxygen Machine to places such as the park, car rides or picnics.

Improved Mood & Self Esteem

Studies have shown that Oxygen Therapy is directly associated with an improvement in cognition, performance and mood. With your mood and performance being boosted all the time your self-esteem automatically gets a boost as well.

To gain more insight into getting oxygen therapy in the comfort of your own home, please get in touch with the team at Fountain Circle Medical Suppliers today.

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